Saturday, October 5, 2013

Positively Polished - 30 Manis Marathon #9


::holds face in hands:: THIS IS SO LATE! I think at this point I'm about, oh....3 manis behind schedule! I apologize SO much darlin' ladies and gents, this past week has been grisly. I was sick for several days and lost my voice, and pretty much could do nothing except cuddle up in a large fluffy blanketed ball and watch episodes of Master Chef....which incidentally doesn't just made me ridiculously hungry! I finally decided enough is enough and that I needed to get at least ONE mani done today! So I did! I've already gotten my next mani half way through (it's literally drying while I type lol) and hopefully I'll have that posted tomorrow, and just keep chugging on through. 

Also, YES, I had to cut down my nails.....::holds face in hands again:: and I am SO sad about it! The teabag patch I used worked amazingly, but with having to take off my polish so often and using polish remover, it kept wearing it down. I had to gently file off the remaining teabag and superglue to apply a new patch, which made the break even more delicate.....rinse repeat, rinse repeat. I tried to apply a patch over a patch so it wouldn't mess with the break, but it made my nail uneven and bumpy, even when trying to file it down and apply several clear coats. Eventually I decided I needed to start ::trim trim, tear:: My middle finger had to go a bit shorter because it's break was very high. 

I went so incredibly cliche with this rainbow mani, didn't I? Haha! Although, I started with primary brighter shades, but decided I wanted to go with softer, more pastel-ish instead. Here are the polishes I used:

From Left to Right:

  • Chaos & Crocodiles - Holographic Top Coat
  • Bondi New York - Strawberry Fields
  • CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant - Peaches & Cream
  • Julep - Blake
  • Bondi New York - Lady Liberty
  • Bondi New York - Blue Skies
  • CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant - Lav-endure
*Not Shown: 
Bondi New York - I'm Vers topcoat & base
NailGirls Colour - White#1 - base for gradient

For this mani I used I'm Vers as a basecoat, then applied two coats of NailGirls White#1 as a base for the gradient. After that dried, I used a makeup sponge to create the gradient with the six colors. 

This makeup sponge wedge is from Ulta and is Ulta Brand and came in a pack of 32 for $2.99. I just brushed on the colors in the order I wanted, then softly dabbed it on over the white polish till it blended the way I wanted. To finish I applied a coat of Chaos & Crocodile's Holographic Top Coat to give it some soft, subtle linear rainbow shimmer and finished it all with a coat of Bondi's I'm Vers.

Next Mani on the list is the GRADIENT!

Happy Makeuping and Polishing!



  1. Ok, that looks amazing. Really. The affect is beautiful. If I can ask, after you applied the polish to the sponge (that's brilliant btw) did you dab it or swipe it or ? I think that is just so, so pretty.

    1. Thank you very much, you're too kind! and I dab it gently on, starting on one side of the nail (holding the cuticle back with the finger right next to it or thumb) and working my way across, then if I'm not completely satisfied with the result, I'll do a couple of quick dabs in the center to adjust as needed :-)