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Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - March 2014


The last of my March beauty sub posts! It's here, it's here! Haha, and I could say I saved the best for last, I say it every month, I just LOVE my Glamour Doll Eyes "Of the Month" shadows. SO fabulous. This month was so very intriguing, because we usually receive a bag with the shadow and goodies inside, but this month it was....::gasp:: a mysterious box! Look at that box, doesn't it just scream mystery at you? ::giggles::

and now for what was inside it!....

 The shadow of the month, two Spring 2014 shadow sample baggies, a star-shaped hair clip and candy!

for March 2014

::GASP!:: I am in looooooove. Can I swoon? May I? It's so gorgeous!

Kawaii: medium teal with subtle blue and green sheen and a slight holographic sparkle

Safe For: eyes, face, nails

I think it has this absolutely beautiful brightness that it's too over the top, but still so very eye-catching. I really love that it's named Kawaii, because it truly is so cute and adorable!

Oh yes. Yes, yes, yes. As you can see, any method of applying is fantastic. Swatched dry, I did about two swipes, and it is nicely pigmented. It has a gorgeous sheen that borders on being a bit frosty looking. Over NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk as a primer, it changes to more of a bright baby blue, and the sheen is a bit more evenly spread, as compared to swatched dry and blended. Blended the sheen picks up so well in the light but it has a lot more shadowing, showing the deeper tones well in some lower lighting. It pulls a lot more of that deeper medium teal. 

However it's applied, it's nice and soft, very easy to blend and can be layered a bit for richer pigmentation. If you want to keep that blue-green shading, I'd suggest using a clear or nude-based primer that dries well, or if you want a bit more color pop and don't mind using a bit of the green, then I'd suggest using NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk as I have in the swatch above. It always makes an awesome primer for every Glamour Doll Eyes shadow I've used.



"Kawaii is Japanese for "cute" and is a way of life for some. KAWAIIPOWERUP is a small shop full of kawaii accessories for those of all ages. These pastel teal star hair clips are perfect for clipping in your hair or on your clothes and feature beautiful holographic glitter that will reflect different colors in the sunlight." - from GDE OTM March 2014 card

How ridiculously adorable is this hair clip? I mean, I don't usually wear hair accessories AT ALL, but I couldn't bear to part with it! I love all those flecks of holographic glitter! When I'm feeling cutesy and fun I wear this on the side of my bun to ballet class!

You can check out more on this brand at:


Instagram: @kawaiipowerup



Sample Baggies in Surrogate and Marquee

Marquee: orangey peach with a strong green sheen sparkle and subtle blue sparkles

Safe For: eyes, nails, face & lips

Surrogate: light purple with a slight blue shift and a gold to green sparkle

Safe For: eyes, nails, face & lips

I was so stoked to try out a few new shades from their Spring 2014 collection! I hate to say it, I was a little selfish and didn't do swatches because it would use up so much of the product, but I LOVE them. I'm probably going to be purchasing a few from the collection, if not all, and when I do, I'll be sure to share them with you in a review post! Here's the rest of the collection:


Delilah: bright pink with a green to gold shift and a pinkish purple sparkle

Disguise: medium blue with a subtle purple/pink shift and a soft green sparkle

Evacuate: pinkish orange with a golden sheen and a gold and orange sparkle

In Memory: almost metallic mint green with a strong golden copper shift

Old Money: light yellow with a golden sheen and a holographic (though purple stands out the most) sparkle

Pipe Dream: has a black base with a very prominent green sheen and a pink to purple to red sparkle. 

Reality Check: mattish cranberry red with a slight pinkish purple sheen and a holographic sparkle

Start a Rumor: light to medium pink with a strong golden undertone and golden sparkle

Flourish: peach toned shimmer filled gloss with a buttercream scent

Morning Glory: high shimmer purple with blue and green sparkles and buttercream scent

Cream Shadows:

Teenage Runway: medium purple with a slight pinkish copper sheen

Vanilla Unicorn: sheer white (can be built up) with a slight purple and blue shimmer


in Grape, Strawberry and Green Apple

Yeah, so I just realized that I hadn't had a chance to try these yet and I've NEVER tried them before. I just finished eating them and yeah....ever had that delicious, juicy type of candy or chews that actually make you salivate WHILE you're eating them because they're so juicy and scrumptious. YES. They were THAT good. Mmmmmmmmm......ok I need more now. ::sigh::


Eeeeeeeee! I don't know why, but I'm superdupes excited about this finale. This was the whole reason I decided NOT to put off writing this post because it was so late. I just LOVED doing this month's finale pictures!....

I seriously called my Mom up right away, squealed and yelled into the phone: "Mom! I'm a mermaid! I'm a mermaid! Ariel ain't got nothing on me! Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?!"....I mean, she really thought I had gone nuts. That's entirely up for debate, but regardless, I LOOOOOVE this month's look!

What's funny, is that I wasn't even going for a mermaid look at all, it just totally turned out that way the second I put the star in my hair. I was having so much fun applying the shadows. For the face, I applied a little more bronzer than I usually do, I think mainly because I loved how well it made the blue stand out. 

For this look I used Urban Decay's Primer Potion in Original all over the lid, as well as NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk. Then I used a soft pale blue-tinted white and lightly highlighted the inner corners of the eyes with it as well as the brow bone. I then used Glamour Doll Eyes Gift With Purchase Shadow for the month of March, Longing for Spring, in the crease area, blending it upwards slightly as well as lightly down onto the lid. I then used my fingertips to pat on Kawaii all over my lid. I find using my fingertips rather than a brush, even a full, densely packed one, gives me a stronger pigmentation and a brighter color, especially if it has a frosty sheen. 

I then blended Kawaii on my waterline and lightly blended what was left of Longing for Spring on my brush right below it to soften the color and fade it out some. I used a deep blue eyeliner in a simple cat-eye wing, as well as on my waterline, applied three coats of mascara and there ya go! As for the rest of the face, I used a primer, BB cream, soft bronzer all over the face for sculpting, a nude-pink blush, and soft pink lipgloss. I also darkened my eyebrows some with a eyeshadow powder duo as they really are nonexistent.

Well that's it for my review of my Glamour Doll Eyes March 2014 Of the Month bag...I hope you enjoyed it! As always, I HIGHLY recommend giving Glamour Doll Eyes a try! Here's their website - 

and here is the OTM section:
Check them out and their products and be sure to keep the OTM in mind! Join them on their Facebook page to keep up with the dates for when the OTM's go on sale! You gotta get 'em while they're hot, they sell out quickly. They typically have  a variety of months you can purchase in advance, though, so sometimes you can purchase 3, 6 or even 9 months. The cost can vary depending on how many months you purchase in advance. It's typically around $6 per month. Super cheap!

APRIL'S OF THE MONTH GOES ON SALE APRIL 8th WHICH IS TODAY! I'm hoping you'll catch it soon, be sure to join their mailing list right away! Usually the sign up begins arounds Noon PST. Just click on their Of the Month section (link above).

Here is March's Gift With Purchase, which I'm sorry to say is no longer a Gift With Purchase, but it IS available FOR purchase now! It's $6 for 2 - 2.5 grams of product in a 5 gram jar. 

Longing For Spring

Longing For Spring: medium grey base with green sheen and sparkle

Safe For: eyes, face, nails & lips

I do apologize that I'm showing this to you too late for it to be a GWP, however, they DO have a new shadow that's a Gift With Purchase for the month of April! 


You could totally place an order on Glamour Doll Eyes website for Longing For Spring, plus another shadow of your choice (as all orders must have a minimum purchase of $10), and receive #flashbackfriday as your Gift With Purchase! ::enable:: Just sayin'....::winkwink:: All orders placed within April WILL have #flashbackfriday automatically added to them (except Of the Month subscriptions).

Tell them Cookie from The Charming Cheshire sent you!


Happy Makeuping, you cute, adorable 'lil things, you!


  1. that finale is GORGEOUS. I can definitely see why it was worth calling your mom. that hair clip is so cute and that blue shadow, wow. really pretty!


  2. That shadow packs a punch! Love the look you did!

  3. OMG! I love love love your final look - amazing. I have to have that blue & the clip! Sooo cute!