Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - April 2014


Hello everyone! April is quickly coming to a close, can you BELIEVE?! Whew, I definitely can't, my months have been whirlwinds! I have a ballet recital coming up at work, which means super long work days and working on some weekends (since I'm the office manager) and extra rehearsals for my students (I teach as well). I slept ten hours the other day and STILL woke up exhausted. I believe it's time to count down for Summer break! Hahaha! 

But enough about me and my work, let's look at the awesome goodies from this month's Glamour Doll Eyes Of the Month bag....

 The shadow of the month, a glitter tube, a primer and candy!

for April 2014


What an absolutely ADORABLE purple...I may love it more because of the polkadot bag under it, teehee. 

Facetious: medium purple with a subtle coppery pink undertone and blue sparkle

Safe For: eyes, lips, face, nails

The shadow has such a beautiful shimmer dispersed completely throughout. The blue sparkle picks up beautifully in the light!

Swiped dry (two swipes), the color is soft, well pigmented and very easy to work with. It blends beautifully as you can see, with no patchiness or streakiness at all, and it doesn't feel or look at all dry. The shimmer is a bit more apparent in direct sunlight, but it isn't overly sparkly. Over primer the color is a bit richer, but the shimmer remains the same. Really, whatever method you prefer to apply shadows with will work fantastic with this shade! It's easily buildable, can be layered for a deeper, richer color or can be blended out easily. 



"Use our "Foil Me" to apply your shadows wet or use as a liner to add a little drama to your look! You can use the dropper bottle "Foil Me" in a few different ways; Grab your favorite pigment and tap a little bit into the cap. Take a tiny drop of the "Foil Me" (a little bit goes a LONG way, you can always add more) and mix it in with the pigment until it becomes the consistency that you want. Then take your eye shadows brush and apply it as a wet shadow. You can also take your eye liner brush and use it to line your eyes. For best results, set your wet shadow/liner with dry shadow." -

I actually already purchased this item from Glamour Doll Eyes a while back, so I gave this sample to a friend of mine who absolutely adores it now!

The consistency is like a light gel, but it's not thick enough to keep it from being a bit runny. It can be a teensy bit messy to use if you're not careful, so between the three different sizes available for purchase (sample size, dropper and tube with applicator), I'd recommend the tube with applicator. 

Foil Me is absolutely AWESOME. It's such a fantastic primer, applies clear, and dries clear and can be used to create a beautiful foiled effect on the eyes with SUPER pigmentation. I've used it all over the eye as just a primer, mixed with a pigment for a paste and applied directly to the eyelid for a deep color or as an eyeliner...I mean, hello versatility!

It gives me awesome pigmentation for at least 9 hours, and even after, it BARELY faded for the remainder of the day. I had no problems with smudging or flaking off as well. Love it! If you're looking for a fantastic versatile primer, I highly recommend trying Foil Me out, it's definitely a favorite must-have product for me.

in My Dismay

 My Dismay: predominantly purple with sparkles of pink and a tiny bit of black

Safe For: glitter is not approved for cosmetic use by the FDA, use at your discretion

I've determined that I do NOT have enough glitters in my life! (Which is hilarious because at work, I'm known at the "glitter girl" since I glitter so many props and recital pieces!) The glitter is very finely milled, and such a gorgeous rich, royal purple.

As you can see, swiped dry (3 swipes) it's very loose and spaced out (a bit tricky to work with), however over GDE's Foil Me....WOOOOOOOOW. Didn't I tell you Foil Me was the most awesome thing ever?! It creates a nearly solid color with the glitter with spaaaaarkle!

Like most loose glitters, of course there is fall-out, so when applying it's best to work slow, and place some sort of cover on the cheeks to catch any glitter that may fall. I usually like to just hold a tissue under the eye or even tape it down lightly on the cheek if I don't want to hold it. There are various ways to apply the are a few that I used:

1 - Mixed with Foil Me on the back of the hand and applied with a liner brush for a glitter eyeliner.

2 - Foil Me patted over the eyelid, and while still wet, glitter patted over it with fingertips

3 - Eyeshadow already on the lid, Foil Me applied with a eyeshadow brush gently over it, then the glitter gently applied on top

4 - Patted over drying nail polish for some sparkly nails! (bonus!)

There are a TON of different ways to use the glitter, I say have fun and experiment! (Of course, as listed, use at your own discretion).

Worn on the eyes, I only had minor fall-out, but nothing that wasn't easily wiped off with a Q-tip after about 5 hours of wear. The ONE thing I will say in regards to this glitter and application is that if you DO accidentally drop a significant amount on the cheeks/under eye area, it is suuuuuuch a pain to remove. I tried using my fingers, a makeup brush, a tissue, a Q-tip, tape and various other methods....all of them weren't completely effective, but I think lightly dabbing scotch tape over it was the best. I like to tap the tape on the back of my hand first, though, to lighten the stickiness first. 


Grapehead Fruit Candy

I'm not a huge fan of grape flavors, but they were juicy and delicious!...until my Hubby took them from me and finished them. ::giggles::


I don't know why but I'm already feeling ready for Summer (probably because of work!). In the Summer I love wearing light colored clothing, soft, minimal lips and cheeks, loose and easy hair but with darker eyes. Hot heat, baby!

 I kept the makeup fresh and simple, using a BB cream, concealer, bronzer for light contouring, soft pink blush, and setting powder. I only applied a clear lip balm, lightly patted on the lips...but for the eyes....

I started with Facetious blended all over the lid, then applied Glamour Doll Eyes Gift With Purchase shadow #flashbackfriday (details below) on the bottom lashes as well as blended in the crease and lightly up towards the eyebrows. I used a black felt tip eyeliner for a cat eye just on the outside of my eyelid, and blended Facetious lightly over where I stopped the line.

I patted on Foil Me with a flat eyeshadow brush right on my eyelid, over Facetious, then used my fingertip to pat on the My Dismay glitter, keeping the glitter below the crease. I finished off the eyes with a few coats of mascara. Done!

Well that's it for my review of my Glamour Doll Eyes March 2014 Of the Month bag...I hope you enjoyed it! As always, I HIGHLY recommend giving Glamour Doll Eyes a try! Here's their website - 

and here is the OTM section:
Check them out and their products and be sure to keep the OTM in mind! Join them on their Facebook page to keep up with the dates for when the OTM's go on sale! You gotta get 'em while they're hot, they sell out quickly. They typically have  a variety of months you can purchase in advance, though, so sometimes you can purchase 3, 6 or even 9 months. The cost can vary depending on how many months you purchase in advance. It's typically around $6 per month. Super cheap!

Here is April's Gift With Purchase shade, #flashbackfriday. Today is the LAST DAY to have it added to your order! Starting tomorrow, they'll have a new Gift With Purchase for May!
Can't wait to see what tomorrow's Gift With Purchase color will be!
Oh the drama! (is that facetious of me? ::giggles::)
Happy Makeuping!


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