Sunday, November 24, 2013

Positively Polished - 30 Manis Marathon #16


WHEW! This one was a toughy! The cool thing about Tribal Print is there's almost no right or just kind of.....go with it. Haha, unfortunately, I think mine may have gone a bit haywire, but oh well, live and learn! It was still super fun to do!

Here are the polishes I used...

 From Left to Right:

      • Seche Vite - Dry Fast Topcoat 
      • OPI - Black Onyx
      • Julep - Brielle
      • Zoya - Wednesday
      • Ruffian Nail Lacquer - Naked
      • Zoya - Godiva

Not Shown: Nail Tek - Intensive Therapy II (basecoat)

I wanted to go with some Cherokee rug inspiration since I'm half Cherokee...I thought it'd be fun. For this mani (hold on to your hats, haha) I started with a base coat of Nail Tek followed by two coats of Zoya's Godiva...which is STUNNING by the way. Then I brushed on stripes of Naked in different areas of each nail just the width of the brush. On the Pointer finger it towards the outside of the nail, on the middle finger it's right down the middle, on the ring finger it's on the opposite side as the pointer finger and on the pinky it was straight across the middle of the nail. I followed with Zoya's Wednesday and added a similar stripe to Naked right next to the Naked stripes, except the middle finger, I used a striping brush to paint on thin lines on either side of Naked. Then I took Julep's Brielle and brushed on a thin line on the outside of my pointer finger, a thin line down the center of my middle finger, diamonds down the Wednesday on my ring finger and two strips across my pinky, one above Naked and one on the tip. I then added black details with OPI's Black Onyx. Adding stripes here and there, diamonds, dots, triangles, etc. On my middle finger I went with a sketchy rug design I've seen on Cherokee pattern rugs by dragging a thin detail brush across starting small at the top, getting wider towards the middle and back to small at the bottom for a weaved looking diamond. I also used a dotting tool for a few detail dots here and there. I wanted to incorporate a bit of a dream catcher/necklace in the mani so I added beaded dots on my middle finger as well....I made a LITTLE mistake on my ring finger a the bottom which is why below the black dots it's filled in in a rectangle (whoopsie!). I finished everything with a coat of Seche Vite! Voila! I absolutely love my pinky and middle finger, but I'm not too terribly crazy about my ring and pointer finger. Oh well! It was fun! 

Up next is GLITTER!!!!! AGH! I'm so excited about it!!

Happy Makeuping and Polishing!



  1. I love this mani!! It is absolutely amazing!!! Come over to my house and do my nails haha! Great job!!!

    1. Ahahaha, thank you very much! You're too kind! :-D