Thursday, November 7, 2013

Glossybox - October 2013

Glossybox Collaboration with Byrdie
I know, this post is oh so late, and at first I wasn't going to post it because of it's lateness, but this box was so fantastic, I just had to!

Voila! The Byrdie Box! If you missed my Glossybox sneak peek post for the month of October, here is the link - 

2013 October REVEAL - Glossybox
     So October's Glossybox was an awesome collaboration with the founders of Who What Wear to create a special Byrdie Box! Byrdie is an online magazine that encompasses all things beauty and was created by these founders earlier this year. Please do check it out, it is a FANTASTIC website!
What are we waiting for? Let's see what goodies await in this box!...

I received: mascara, two face products, a lip product and purfume

Here is what Glossybox has to say for this month!


"Here at GLOSSYBOX we pride ourselves by offering our subscribers the best and latest in beauty. This month, we're excited to introduce our collaboration with Byrdie, your new destination for all things beauty! From celebrity tutorials to hair and makeup tips from the world's best stylists and artists, not the mention the newest products and how-tos, you're going to want to bookmark the new online magazine from the creators of Who What Wear immediately."


Bookmarked and LOVING it! Also just LOVING what I received in my box this month! One of my favorite Glossyboxes yet! Take a look....


"Take your lashes to the extreme with this ultra-black mascara that lengthens, curls and magnifies for an intensified look proven to increase lash volume by 752% instantly!" - from

OOOOOoooooooh my goodness! If you have NOT tried this mascara, then you, my friend, are missing out. I've tried a couple of tarte mascaras before and haven't really been too impressed, but let me tell you...I now ONLY use this one! For ALL my layers as well!

The molded brush is very interesting. The bristles are not the same length all the way around, one side has shorter, denser bristles and the other has longer more spaced out bristles. The best way I found to use this is to start with the shorter ones to get closer to your roots and give your lashes a nice layer, then use the longer ones to work out the length in your lashes and separate them.

I swiped this once with the short bristles, then twice with the long ones. You can see the short bristle swipe higher up on the hand, which looks much closer together, then the second swipe is below that, and the third right below that. You can tell how well this mascara will coat your lashes and how smooth the formula looks, which is great for creating beautiful clump-free lashes. 

 I decided to do a step-by-step application photos for you! Please excuse the horrid photo quality, I STILL only have an iPhone 4 for pictures! You can, however, click on each photo to enlarge it!

The photo on the left and in the center is no mascara at all,.....yes, I know, they are absolutely non-existant! On the right I tight-lined my eyes with a liquid eyeliner (because I'm not sure if you know, but with every look I do in my Finales, I actually go to work afterwards!). My eyelashes may look a tad white because I had applied powder on my face right before.

Above is a single coat of mascara and BAM! You can see the amazing difference already! I did not curl them as I normally do because I wanted you to see how well they naturally give your lashes a curl.

And voila! Two coats! I did not apply too much to my bottom lashes because, honestly, those lashes hate my guts, so I typically leave them alone after one coat. I know, I know, my lashes are just soooo ridiculously short! Of course, my little brother has gorgeously long, luxurious lashes....::le sigh::....figures. 

Seriously, though, if you haven't tried out this mascara yet, I highly, highly recommend it. ESPECIALLY if you're a lover of Benefit's They're Real mascara, which so many women loooove....this is the next level of awesome! 


"Our award-winning exfoliating gel uses natural papaya enzyme to gently remove dead cells and unclog pores. While overuse of acid peels or harsh chemicals can irritate healthy, live skin cells, the Renu Exfoliating Gel selectively removes dead cells to reveal toned, polished skin." - from

This was definitely a very unusual, very interesting face exfoliation product. It's unlike anything I've tried to date and did work better than I expected! 

The formula starts as a clear soft jelly-like liquid, but once you start working it it, it bonds with your dead skin cells and beads up....

I know what you're thinking....well maybe it's not bonding with the dead skin cells at all, maybe it's just beading up only in the formula itself...but check this out...

You can click on the picture above to see a larger view, but if you look closely, you can see that the small bit of product left in the middle of my hand has darkened and is no longer bright white, which shows that it did indeed pick up some dirty skin cells! Also check out how smooth, bright and polished my skin looks in comparison to the first picture! It has the exact same effect on my face when I use it! My skin does feel a bit smoother, softer and brighter after use and it isn't irritated or red like it typically can be after using an exfoliator. The ONLY thing about the product that I'm not fond of, is the has the strangest scent of spoiled wine...don't ask me how I know what spoiled wine smells like...::ahem::. However, with the awesome results, I can definitely overlook the scent!

in Super Soft Beige

"We have created an exquisite blend of oils to soften and nourish, including virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, castor oil and sweet almond oil. The oils provide the extra staying power for the salve, keeping your lips glossy and maintaining the colour. The colour tint is formulated with natural mineral makeup, designed to deliver strong colours, and is an exclusive blend of mica, titanium dioxide and iron oxide. The beautiful aroma of the salve is 100% pure natural essential oils, so is subtle and sophisticated without being overpowering." - from

Just to note, the quote above is discussing the same tinted lip salve EXCEPT, it's for a raspberry shade. The shade that was sent to us - Super Soft Beige - was created specially for this Glossybox! Truth be told, I probably would have liked the raspberry shade since my lips are naturally pink and soft beige shades don't show up well on me...but any pretty goody is fun to try!

It's actually a very lovely shade, but unfortunately, it's barely visible at all once blended in a thin layer. There's just the slightest tint. If you have a darker skin-tone this probably wouldn't show up at all!

You can SEE the light tint baaaaarely, but since my lips are so pink, that's pretty much all that shows up! The formula itself was actually really nice if you didn't apply too much. You have two ways to apply this with two different pros and can apply it thicker for a very LIGHT tint, but then it does feel very wet on your lips, but not sticky! Eventually it blends time over time and doesn't feel quite as wet. A second type of application is just to apply a thin layer, which will essentially give you no color at all, just a soft glossy finish that does in fact last several hours! I decided that this product wasn't quite for me, since I'm not really a lip glossy lady, unless it's very pigmented. The quality of the gloss itself is excellent though, no stickiness at all, so I gifted it to a family member once I told her about my review!


"Launched in 1992, Eau Parfumee au the vert is Bvlgari's very first Eau de Cologne. With it's pure shape and sleek lines in delicate shades of green, the bottle perfectly evokes the freshness and vitality of the fragrance within." - from

I MUCH prefer Bvlgari's au the vert to their au the blanc as I've tried many different products with that scent in past Glossyboxes and did not like them at all. The au the blanc was much too strong of a floral scent for me with very rich, heavy notes. The au the vert is very fresh, light and bright. The fragrance consists of these notes:

Italian Bergamot, Tunisian Bitter Orange, Spanish Orange Blossom, Ceylon Cardamom, Jamaican Pepper, Russian Coriander, Bulgarian Rose, Egyptian Jasmine, Green Tea, Smoked Wood.

It's very brisk and refreshing and you can definitely smell the green tea and jasmine. It's not overwhelming at all, and the fragrance does linger on the skin for quite some time. While this isn't my typical perfume that I love, I definitely wouldn't mind using this when the occasion calls for it! I probably won't be repurchasing it once I run out, but I shall use this one up! If you like fresh, clean scents that are reminiscent of minty smells without it having mint, then I'd highly recommend checking this out. It still has a light floral aroma but it's not a musky floral. It's like a freshly wet in the rain floral! Ahhhhh.....


"Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream is a universal daily moisturizer proven to provide 24 hours of significant moisture. It is formulated with a proprietary Super 7 Complex specifically designed to minimize and prevent visible signs of aging, deliver intense hydration, and boost radiance. It is further enriched with maca root extract, noted for enhancing luminosity." - from

FRESH! I love, love, loveeeee Fresh! I've been using Fresh products for quite some time now and they're definitely one of my most often used facial products. I was excited to see that Glossybox was sending over one that I hadn't tried yet, though!

The cream is a very soft but not too thick formula but look at it smeared over the skin, you can see how deeply it would still sink into it! What's nice about this is it's great for both day and night hydrating, even when you need some extra moisture. After a week's wear, applying both daytime and nighttime, my skin felt well hydrated, smooth and soft, even with changing weather! It has a very light natural floral scent, but nothing overpowering and it fades softly after application. It also doesn't leave an oily residue like some moisturizers do. Definitely another Fresh favorite for me!


1) Tarte Lights, Camera, Flashes Statement Mascara:
  • Full-size (0.31 fl oz) - $23
  • I received a full-size!
2) Sesha Renu Exfoliating Gel:
  • Full-size (1.70 oz) - $42
  • I received a 0.68 oz sample tube - $16.80

3) balance Me Shine On Tinted Lip Salve in Super Soft Beige:
  • Full-size (10 ml) - $16.50
  • I received a full-size!

4) Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au the vert Eau de Cologne:
  • Full-size (1.33 oz) - $62
  • I received a 0.17 oz sample bottle - $7.92

5) Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream:
  • Full-size (1.7 oz) - $42
  • I received a 0.5 oz sample jar - $12.35

Total Paid for Box:  $21

Total Worth of Box:  $76.57

Not too bad Glossybox! Over 3X of what I paid for and I love almost everything I received. There wasn't anything in the box that I was completely meh about, I would have even adored the lip gloss if it had more pigmentation! Definitely pleased with it's worth!


LOVED October's Byrdie Collaboration box, I think the items were refreshing, bright, and they all do their job beautifully! I think this box would probably have been better suited as a Springtime box, but I still adore it. I've been using the mascara everyday, as well as the face cream, and the exfoliating gel every few days or so...I'd say I'm happy with it! 

What do you think of October's picks? Have you tried any of these products yet? 


Happy Makeuping!



  1. Great box, I have tried tarts lights camera lashes and it really didn't do much for me :S But then again I don't like benefits they're real either... I think my asian lashes only works well with mascara especially design for limp small lashes :s

    1. What mascara have you tried that you love? :-D My lashes are so stubborn I love hearing about people's favorites especially when they have stubborn lashes as well!