Friday, December 20, 2013

Glossybox - November 2013

Oh my goodness, helloooooooooo there! How ARE all of ya'll?! Are you absolutely shocked to see a new post? Hahaha, the past few weeks have been ridiculously busy, both at home and at work. We had a performance at the studio I work at that had me there till past midnight most nights to prepare. My apologies! This month is going to be just simple beauty subscription reviews with no extra posts. I realize I'm very VERY behind with the 30 Manis Marathon, but I still have every intention to finish. I may not be able to start it back up until January, though. Nevertheless, I want to go back to normal posting in January!

And yes, yes, I realize it's December and I debated a bit about posting this but I have to say I LOOOOVED November's Glossybox! So I knew I just had to post it, even if it's over 2 weeks late. I haven't received my December Glossybox yet, so I don't feel quite as bad about it ::grin::

Here's my reveal post for the month....

So it seems that they changed the name of the box from Modern Romance to Holiday Romance, which does seem more fitting. A modern romance box does sound really pretty, though! Here's what I received -
  Hair oil, eyeliner, eyeshadow, face cleanser and a makeup brush

Here's what Glossybox has to say about this month's box:

"It's only November but the streets are already teeming with black coats and gloves and scarves, and some days the chill creeps through the air and seeps through our sweaters. While we love our leather and cashmere, we're equally enamored by flowing silk and delicate black lace. This month, we're inspired by holiday romance - think gorgeous matte skin paired with bold and dramatic shades on the eyes and lips. After all, it's okay to indulge and be a little girly sometimes."

Stay glossy,

How very....romantic sounding! A girls gotta look purdy during the Holiday season! ::flutters lashes:: Let's move on to the review!....


"This leave-in oil treatment is a combination of certified argan oil from Morocco, olive oil, and grape seed extract. These three ingredients in combination with Mastey's vegetable based natural moisturizing factor, rice amino acids (rice proteins) for reconstruction, and Vitamins E and B5, make it the perfect solution for damaged or color treated hair." - from Glossybox November 2013 card

I have being going through this bottle! I absolutely adore it! I love using hair oils in place of conditioners since they tend to weigh my hair down too much. I shampoo my hair, then pat it dry, put some oil in my hands and work it in while my hair is still damp. It really doesn't take much. My hair is fairly long, and layered and I add about a nickle to quarter-sized amount for the entire head, focusing more product on the ends of my hair. 

It has an absolutely lovely scent: a very, very soft grape juice fragrance. It does have olive oil and grape seed extract, so that is probably where the scent is coming from. It's very refreshing and natural smelling. Like I said, though, it's a very soft fragrance, so it's not overwhelming, and it doesn't smell like wine, definitely more of a light grape juice. 

My hair has been feeling and looking so good even though I have ::GASP:: been having to put the heater on because it is COOOOOLD. I seriously NEVER put the heater on because of multiple reasons....A) I am ridiculously heat intolerant.....2) It dries out my hair and makes it frizzy.....and Third) It dries out my skin something terrible. Buuuuuut, my hair has been staying soft, my blond highlights have stayed shiny and it hasn't been getting frizzy at all! Hoorah, fabulous oil treatment that are awesome for color treated hair!

in Lime & Forest

"This eye pencil features combined complimentary shades for maximum creativity. Achieve intense, smouldering eyes with it's smudge-resistant and long-wearing formula, which glides on and prevents any tugging of the delicate eye area." - from Glossybox November 2013 card

Typically I absolutely adore any eyeliners, any colors at them...unfortunately, this duo pencil turned out to be a bit of a dud for me. ::tear:: Not that I don't love the colors, I do, but they just don't show up well on the eye at all! In fact, even though the Glossybox card says of them that they glide on preventing any tugging on the eye, I found that to be quite the opposite. I had to use quite a bit of force to get any to show up at all. It was very uncomfortable applying it and had very little color payoff on the eye. Applying to hand was a bit easier to see, but still not as smooth as other eyeliners I have used.

Eyeliner shade in Forest

Forest is a very VERY dark green, almost a black with a green tint.

Although it SEEMS like it has good color payoff with the single and thick lines, my secret to seeing how creamy and smooth an eyeliner will apply is making the squiggle line and dots. Notice on the squiggle line there is a big of tugging and the line isn't solid throughout the curve. It's thick on some spots and lighter on others. Also, the dots BARELY show up, you can hardly see them at all! Imagine the force you'd need to use to make it show up on your eyelids, which has MUCH thinner skin than your hand. You really don't want to have to use much pressure at all for color payoff. 

Eyeliner shade in Lime

I was SO excited to see that I had received this shade! Lime is so unusual and pretty and it looked very promising. Alas, it's still not what I hoped....

Again, the thin and thick lines ALMOST look good, but you can BARELY see the squiggle line and dots. Even my Hubby commented: "There are dots there?". It is SUCH a beautiful color, why oh WHY couldn't it show up more?! It was a bit softer upon application than Forest, but still, tugged quite a bit. 

All in all, this was the only disappointing item in the box, and if the formula was only a bit softer, I'd probably have 5 out of 5 loves this month! The colors are gorgeous, the design in beautiful, I love practically everything...except the formula. Which incidentally, can be a very big part of the whole experience...::sigh:: I've kept it around though, I'd like to experiment more with it. Hopefully I can find a way to use it that works better!


"Effortlessly apply your eyeshadow with this ergonomically designed brush. Each lightweight brush is specially crafted with quality pony hair and designed with easy handling in mind, resulting in precise and flawless application of makeup." - from Glossybox November 2013 card

Eyeshadow brush! Eyeshadow brush! ::happy dance:: LOVE IT! If there's one thing I can always use more of, it's eyeshadow brushes. 

The bristles, are made from pony hair and are super soft. This particular type of brush (Eyeshadow medium round type) is fantastic for the way I like to apply shadow, which is typically very pigmented. The bristles are dense enough to pack shadow on, but still loose enough to blend easily. I'm pretty impressed with the quality as well. I washed it before my first use and there was no bristle fall-out at all. I could also easily apply as little or as much eyeshadow as I want with it! THANK YOOOOU Glossybox!

in Dams

"Create the ultimate smokey eye with this highly pigmented eyeshadow. The micronized formula ensures a fine, smooth, and even application and avoids grainy results for a stunning, romantic look. Can be used both wet and dry." - from Glossybox November 2013 card

What better to go with an eyeshadow brush than eyeshadow?! This little compact eyeshadow is superdupes adorable. It's sleek, chic and sexy! Finding a good, pigmented black is hard to do, and although this one is a perfect A+, it's still a nice black to work with!

Applied dry was actually not too bad! It was fairly pigmented and could easily be layered for a darker, solid black shade. Over NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk it's completely blackened! Blended it's not the beeeest, but it's not entirely patchy like other blacks have been that I've tried, so it is workable. With the micronized formula, the powder is SO soft. Not really creamy, but seriously, you can BARELY feel it when you swipe it because it's so ridiculously fine. I've actually JUST purchased NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean so I'm very curious to see if it'll show up even darker and more solid with a black primer! 

Because of the fine particles, it's actually terrific to use wet, especially as a soft eyeliner. Or just smudged over an eyeliner. I do apologize, I should have taken photos, I just tried it on a whim earlier yesterday and loved it. It's a very versatile black, which is great to have on hand.


"This multi-tasking, sulfate-free cleanser effectively removes makeup, oil, and impurities. It gently exfoliates with a combination of jojoba microbeads and alpha and beta hydroxy acids, while nourishing aloe vera soothes skin for a healthy, radient glow. Suitable for all skin types." - from Glossybox November 2013 card

I have COMPLETELY used this product up, it is GONE. Well, I take that HUBBY and I have completely used this product up! Hahaha! I suggested that he try it out one day because I absolutely fell in love with it and next thing I know, he was using it every day! 

I has very smooth jojoba microbeads that very gently exfoliate. I had absolutely no problems with any skin sensitivity or redness from the exfoliation and the aloe vera made my skin feel super soft afterwards. I hardly needed moisturizer! I actually took to keeping it in the shower with me and just washing my face before I get out. So refreshing! It really doesn't foam much that you can see, but that's somewhat typical for an exfoliating product.

It has a fantastic light citrus scent, almost like fresh lemons. It does have grapefruit peel oil in it, so that may be the main source of the scent. It's not overpowering at all, in fact, you really don't smell it too much when applying, only if you smell the product straight from your hands. 

I've noticed that my face has seemed a bit smoother, and definitely more moisturized during the dry, cold winter days after daily use. I prefer to use it for my daytime cleanser because it gives my face a little brightness boost by lightly working off a layer of dead skin and buffing up the new skin underneath! I'm so sad to see a little empty bottle sitting there now, haha, I need to go order a new one.....I think I'll do that right now....oh wait, no, I'll finish the review first. ::blushes::



1) Mastey Color Protection Color Protecting Leave-in Oil Treatment:
  • Full-size (2 oz) - $25
  • I received a full-size!

2) Vincent Longo Duo Eye Pencil:
  • Full-size (1 duo-ended pencil) - $26
  • I received a full-size!

3) Nicka K New York Professional Eyeshadow Brush:
  • Full-size (1 brush) - $5
  • I received a full-size!

4) Emite Makeup Micronized Eye Shadow in Dams:
  • Full-size (0.05 oz) - $27
  • I received a full-size! 

5) The Aloe Source Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish:
  • Full-size (6.7 fl oz) - $30
  • I received a 1 fl oz sample bottle -  $4.48

Total Paid for Box:  $21

Total Worth of Box:  $87.48

Another great worth this month from Glossybox! Hooray! I only paid a fourth of what the box is actually worth and not only that, four of the products are full-sized! Once again, Glossybox provides some fab worth and purchase ::highfives Glossybox::


Makup finaleeeeee! Are you excited? I'm excited! So for this month, given the theme, I went for some modern glam with a romantic edge. Great for a nighttime Holiday party that would look stunning with a LBD, but frankly, I wore this to work the day I took these pics ::wink, wink:: Cause I roll like that! 

I used the eyeshadow Dams all over my eyelid and blended it up it a soft cat-eye and under the eye as well. It is SOOOOO hard to see but I did use the Vincent Longo eyeliner pencil in Lime towards the inner corners of my eyes both on the top and bottom of my eye. It just gave the SLIGHTEST tint of pale almost minty green, definitely not lime-ish, though. See what I mean? It just doesn't show well and it did tug quite a bit on the skin.
All in all, I am SO pleased with this month's box, the only little erm-ish is the Vincent Longo pencil, but I absolutely looooooove everything else and have already finished practically two products! Fantastic month!


Happy Makeuping!



  1. Love that look you created! You always need those dark colors to help create smoldering smokey looks, the oil treatment is something I would use.


    1. Thanks love! You are so right, gotta have a smoulder or two in your stash ;-)