Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - December 2013


Looks like I got my wish from last month's GDE post....it's COLD! Well, okay, it's cold to me...if you live in, oh, Maine or Michigan you may scoff at my idea of cold. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove it. I seriously do HATE the heat (says the girl who lives in a 6 month summer city with temperatures up to 100 degrees and humidity that'll sit on you like a fleece blanket). I've lived in this city my whole life, you'd think I'd get used to it by now!

Moving on! So wooooooooooooow....did Glamour Doll Eyes SPOIL us this month! Not only did subscribers receive TWO "Of the Month" eyeshadows, but not one, not two, not three, not even four...but FIVE Beauty Extras! ::shock, stagger, gasp!:: You heard that right....2 eyeshadows plus 5 beauty extras! Glamour Doll Eyes....you spoiled me rotten for Christmas!

How adorable is this little snowman bag? Look how happy he is to be delivering the GDE goodies! On to the long, full of awesomeness, review!...


Soooooo pretty. It's not the typical color I think of during the Holidays, but that's why I love it so much! Plus the name....absolutely PERFECT.

Christmas Calories Don't Count: a matte-ish burgundy with a purple sheen and a slight turquoise twinkle

Safe For: eyes, lips, nails, face

LOOK AT THAT COLOR! Swiped dry, it is a bit more on the matte side, kind of reminding me of a suede finish with slight shimmer. Over NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk, though, it turns into this gorgeous satiny plum that is SO divine. It's not much for just soft blending, though, it turns a bit chalky and fades out, but WHY would you want to blend it when you could get that rich, vibrant color? 

It swipes on nicely just with fingertips, super soft and easily workable. When working dry, the more you add, the darker the burgundy becomes. When applying over a primer such as Milk, the purple becomes very vivid and is opaque pretty much right away. 


Another absolutely stunning shade. Look how positively cashmere it appears. It seriously feels just as soft.

Mistletoe Make Out: a shimmery green with dark green and copper undertones and golden sparkle

Safe For: eyes, nails, face

Swiped dry it's nicely pigmented and smooth, almost even creamy feeling since it's so soft. You definitely don't need a primer to get some rich color. Over NYX's Milk it brightens up the green slightly and gives it a deep ivy shade, however you don't see the golden shimmer quite as much this way. Applying as blended it's still lovely! It blends easily, even with fingertips, with no patchiness or flaking. I'd say this shade can be worn any way, either dry, over primer, wet, or blended and can be worked with fingers or brushes! A perfect shade for the season! 



"Sedona Lace is my favorite brush company and they were nice enough to send along their EB 13 Synthetic Blender Brush this month! This brush is not only great for eyeshadow, but concealer as well. This brush was formulated with synthetic bristles to apply the perfect amount of product." - from GDE December 2013 card

One of my absolute favorite things to receive in a beauty sub other than eyeshadow and eyeliner, is makeup brushes. A girl can never have too many makeup brushes! Heaven knows only yesterday I washed about 25 of them that were long overdue! Having backups is the best thing ever. 

 This brush is fantastic! It's very densely packed with the perfect dome shape for getting into creases and making it easy to blend for both powder and liquid products. It's a great shape for getting under the eye area for those dark circles or in the outside crease of your nostrils to cancel the redness. Of course, it also is an amazing eyeshadow brush, it made blending SO super easy and quick! I was so very impressed with the quality and the prices of the bushes isn't bad at all! I'll certainly be looking into purchasing some soon. 


"Next we have a soap sample from Suds n Sass. You may know Beth from Kiss My Sass who contributes to the GDE OTM often. This time she is sending along a soap sample from her other business!" - from GDE December 2013 card

First of all...oh my word, it is the CUTEST little pumpkin soap EVER...and you...you seriously need to SMELL THIS THING. ::sniff, sniff:: Mmmmmmmmmmm......it is the most DELICIOUS smelling little soap. It smells like fresh, warm oatmeal with some holiday spices sprinkled on top. I've had to stop myself from eating it, that's how delicious it smells.

It's lathers well, although lathering it up on a loofah is a bit trickier. If you want a bit of exfoliation rather than just using your hands to wash, then I'd recommend lathering it up all over your body THEN taking a loofah and gently scrub in what's already on your skin. 

The smell does linger for a bit after wash, although I do wish it would last a bit longer, it smells divine! I went perusing their website and I noticed that they have a Gingerbread Man soap, a Spice Pumpkin Mocha soap and Peppermint Fluff Whipped Sugar Scrub.......I think I've died and gone to tasty cleansing heaven.....

in My First Time

"On January 20th, 2014 we will be releasing some new colors into the permanent line (as well as 3 of the OTM colors from this year, which will be voted on) and 3 blushes. We wanted to give you a chance to test out one of these blushes...while we understand that not all blushes are good for every skin tone, these can be used as shadows as well!" - from GDE December 2013 card

My First Time: light lavender with gold shimmer

I was so super thrilled to see that I received the lavender shade! The other two shades were a darker pink and light pink. I'm all for unusual colors!

The color is simply lovely. It has great pigmentation and is very smooth and soft to work with. Built up dry the lavender really pops and would look stunning on the eye. Blended it becomes a soft, hazy lavender sheen, with no patchiness at all. It blends very easily and can be built up as needed. I didn't even bother swatching it over NYX's Milk, you can see how quite pigmented it is by itself!

As an eyeshadow I absolutely love it, it's a sweet, girly color that can be combined with so many other shades for a beautiful smoky eye. As a blush, it's a bit trickier to work with, but worth it in the end if you use it right. Because of my very fair, pale skin, it went a little grey-toned on me, which dulled me out a bit. You just have to blend it well and keep the rest of the makeup fairly warm, with a nice lip color with some pink tones to balance it out. With a nude lip, it can look too dull. Blended right with good colors paired with it on your eyes and lips, it has a very sweet, slightly candy-toned effect! Gorgeous!

in Fire Breather & Burlesque

"We're also including a few samples of hte new colors that will be releasing on January 20th. There a 8 colors and you're receiving 2 in sample baggies. Some people have already received some of these colors, so fi you have, I apologize!" - from GDE December 2013 card

Well I definitely have not received these shades! And oh my, they are SO PURDY!

Fire Breather: a vibrant red with orange undertones and gold shimmer

Safe For: eyes, lips, nails and face

Burlesque: a deep shimmery purple with blue and green sparkles

Safe For: eyes, lips, nails and face

I'm afraid I don't have swatches for you (do forgive me) but the color are so stunning I didn't want to waste any since the baggies are smaller than the jars! If I do try any looks with these colors, I'll be sure to add the photos to this post and update my social media platforms with a note on the new photos, though! STUNNING colors!

in Christmas Morning

"The last extra of the year is another nail polish from Black Luna Lacquer. She provided a polish for August and we are super happy to have her back in December with this gorgeous color!" - from GDE December 2013 card

Christmas Morning: dark cherry red with a holo shine

The color is so beautiful, with a very light holo sparkle throughout. This swatch was done with two coats and no top coat and as you can see it's very glossy just by itself! Of course, I always recommend base and top coat for less chipping and better longevity. It went on very smooth, and spreads evenly. I think it's darling color for both the Holiday Season and to wear throughout the year! A very feminine, chic shade!


in Cherry

For those of you who always wanted to get the blow pops WITHOUT it being on a stick....there ya go! Hahaha! How cute are these? They're so darn tiny, it's just little gum balls! I haven't eaten any since I'm on a strict diet, but I did pass them out to my students after class for a little treat and they loved them!


I was very inspired by Christmas Calories Don't Count, since I'm supposed to be dieting but, of course, on Christmas with all the good food everywhere...it's IMPOSSIBLE to be good. So I say: here, here! Christmas Calories most certainly DO NOT count! ::giggles:: and here's what I wore to my family get-together on Christmas!....

I used Mistletoe Make Out over my eyelid, then blended Christmas Calories Don't Count in the crease. I also used My First Time (blush) on my cheeks, a teensy bit on my chin and nose to give me a slightly flushes out-in-the-cold look and blended it also in my inner corners of my eyes and below the eyebrows. I applied Christmas Calories Don't Count wet under my bottom lashes to about half-way in, then used a dark green eyeliner for a thin cat-eye. 

I hope you enjoyed the review! I HIGHLY recommend giving Glamour Doll Eyes a try! Here's their website - 

Check them out and their products and be sure to keep the OTM in mind! 

I believe new OTM slots will be available for purchase on January 8th at 12PM PST. So if you were thinking of trying OTM out, be sure to hop on your computer at that time since the slots go fast!

Happy Makeuping! 



  1. Those shadows are beautiful, I love the colors and how you combined them.

    Happy New Year Cookie, all the best in 2014


    1. Thank you very much Erica! I hope your New Year has started off fabulously! <3

  2. the 2 eyeshadows mentioned above are absolutely GORGEOUS! you did such a great job creating a look with the products <3 glad to see you back :) I'll be back in 2014 with my blog haha.. HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!

    My Blog: Caught in a Daze.

    1. Thanks Vicky! :-D Haha, it took some push but now that I'm back in it I'm feeling fabulous! End of the year slump? LOL Hope your New Years was awesome!