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Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - February 2014


February is rapidly drawing to a close and I'm finishing up all of my beauty subscription reviews! Here now is one of my faaaaavs...Glamour Doll Eyes Eyeshadow Of the Month! I've been trying to hurry to get this together for you because I also want to feature their Gift With Purchase eyeshadow for the month of February - Lustrous! More info on that at the end of this review.

And noooooow, here's what's inside my Of the Month bag for February!....

 The shadow of the month, a liquid shimmer serum and candy!

for February 2014


Could it BE any more adorable, how it matches the bag it came in? So pretty!

Reckless Devotion: pale shimmery pink with copper and gold shifts

Safe For: eyes, lips, face, nails 

Look how amazing the gold shows up on the cap! When you have it on your eyes, that's what shows up when the light hits it. Isn't it incredible? Totally light pink with a slight hint of peachy-ness to it, but then BAM! Golden goddess! I love it.


Yes, this shadow is ridiculously amazing swatched dry, gorgeously gorgeous swatched over primer and stunning blended....if this isn't my absolute favorite GDE shadow, I...I...I don't know what is. ::ponders:: Although, come to think of I say that every time I try a new one? ::giggles:: Swiped twice dry, the gold is fairly apparently but as I said it leans more towards a peachy-pink color (matching the bag!), but then I swatched it over NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk and it turned a super cute shade of babydoll pink with some subtler almost frosty looking golden shimmer. Blended out dry you can really see all the golden shimmer and there's only a slight tint of pink, but when that shimmer hits the light...wooooo, baby!

It's super soft and very easy to work with. I just used my fingertips for the swatches above and as you can see, it blends easily and it's at all dry or patchy. It's also quite buildable, although if you really want to build a strong, vivid color, I'd use a primer. If you'd prefer to keep the color more of a peachy-pink then it would be better to use a clear primer as opposed to a white one like NYX's Milk Pencil. 


in Centaur's Wisdom

"This month we're featuring a new brand, Dark Heart Designs. Tina was kind enough to send along one of her "Shimmer Serums" in Centaur's Wisdom. A slightly sticky liquid filled with micro fine glitters* and inspired by mythological creatures. Appears white in the vial, but shows up a dazzling shimmery gold when applied to the skin. Can be used on bare skin, or over shadows. *The glitter in these products is a natural, mineral glitter that is approved." - from February 2014 Glamour Doll Eyes OTM card

I've actually never tried a shimmer/glitter serum before so I was superdupes excited to receive this! The packaging is a vial, with a dropper applicator.

DO YOU SEE THIS?! Haha, I think Centaur's Wisdom is a perfect match with Reckless Devotion. The golden shimmers were just MEANT to go together. Look how much glitter/shimmer is packed into just two drops! 

The best way I found to apply this (after trying several different methods) is to apply a drop directly onto a small flat brush (like a concealer brush) then apply to eyes. If you'd prefer just a subtle amount of shimmer or are not applying over large areas, then you could also apply a drop on the back of your hand, then dip the brush into it. I know the formula does look very watery, but it actually has a small amount of tackiness to it, and it will dry and set somewhat. When applying with a brush instead of fingers, you have a bit more control on how much you want to apply as well as being more precise on where you want to place it. You also will be smearing it less with a brush as opposed to using your fingers. I like the concealer brush the best because if you want to apply it all over the lid then you can use the flat side of the brush and angle it to cover more area, or if you want to only apply in small spaces, say the corner of the eyes or over eyeliner, then you can use the tip of the brush.

With use of a setting spray, I didn't notice any shimmer smearing or coming off for about 7 hours after application! Love it! They have other colors as well including:

  • Cerberus' Wrath - copper shimmer
  • Chimera's Breath - green shimmer
  • Dragon's Blood - red shimmer
  • Pegasus' Tears - purple shimmer
  • Minotaur's Strength - blue shimmer
  • Phoenix's Ashes - silver shimmer
  • Siren's Scales - aqua shimmer
They're priced at $4.99 for a 4 ml vial (which I received). The size of the product seems to me to be quite large, especially considering that a little goes a long way for shimmer. It should last me quite some time!
If you want to check out Dark Heart Designs, they sell their products on Storenvy. Here is the link:

I definitely want to get myself some more of those gorgeous shimmers! Especially because I'm obsessed with the names. I might go all Pokemon on them and collect them all! Haha!



I've never actually tries Sugar Babies but when I was little I loved the Sugar Daddy lollipop! Mmmmm, haven't had one of those in years! Believe it or not my Hubby has not claimed these yet. He may not even know I have them. ::hides them away::


The makeup finaleeeeee! I seriously get all giddy the first time I dip my brush into a new GDE shadow! The excitement!

So for this look I went for something Spring-ish, girly and cute. A little reminiscent of Valentine's Day since it's still February.

I had no idea how much I love pink and gold together! Especially if it's a yellow-gold, they just contrast so nicely and really make each other pop!


Isn't the gold shimmer pretty? I think it actually brightens up the eyes a bit and makes the whites of your eyes more vivid. I used very pale champagne gold eyeliner and very gently lined right under my waterline, then I used a concealer brush and dipped it into the serum that I dropped onto the back of my hand and gently patted it on over the eyeliner. All that gold you see? Yup! That's the shimmer, NOT the eyeliner! I used the eyeliner mainly for a base and to give the serum a little wash of solid color underneath. 

For the eyelids, surprise! I actually used TWO Glamour Doll Eyes shadows! Did you guess which one it is along with Reckless Devotion? That's right! The Gift With Purchase for February - Lustrous. I blended on Reckless Devotion all over my eyelid, bringing it up just a little above the crease, then I blended Lustrous on the outer edge of the eyelid a little past the thin wing I made with black liner. I also blended it lightly into my crease a bit further compared to my lid and above the crease. I used a makeup wipe to wipe away the blended out shadow on the wing and give it a crisp "V" shape edge. I finished the eyes by blending on a pale pink-nude shadow below my eyebrows and in the inner corners of my eyes as well as lightly blending a small amount of Lustrous over the black eyeliner on my lid to keep the line from looking to harsh. Finished it with mascara!

Well that's it for my review of my Glamour Doll Eyes January 2014 Of the Month bag...I hope you enjoyed it! As always, I HIGHLY recommend giving Glamour Doll Eyes a try! Here's their website - 

and here is the OTM section:
Check them out and their products and be sure to keep the OTM in mind! Join them on their Facebook page to keep up with the dates for when the OTM's go on sale! You gotta get 'em while they're hot, they sell out quickly. They typically have  a variety of months you can purchase in advance, though, so sometimes you can purchase 3, 6 or even 9 months. The cost can vary depending on how many months you purchase in advance. It's typically around $6 per month. Super cheap!


Here is February's Gift With Purchase!


It's only available for a few more days, so be sure to place your order now before February is over! It is a full-size ($6 worth) jar, not available with OTM orders and there is a $10 minimum purchase requirement with all GDE online purchases.

Happy Makeuping!



  1. I fell in love with the colors! They're just so pretty with a hint of shimmery gold <3 the shimmer serum is so interesting I've never tried something like that before ^^ thank you for sharing this review :D love how you look with the products ^^

    1. Thank you very much! <3 and thanks for stopping by and reading!