Monday, February 17, 2014

Charming Changes - Chapter 2

Keep On Keeping On

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was pretty darn busy, I was out all day Saturday with my awesome Mom, running errands and spending the day together. Yaaaay! Sunday was some SERIOUS swatch and photo day! I have about....oh....haha......twelve posts that I'm working on at the moment including beauty sub reviews, brand reviews, more Bag Full of Beauty posts (woohoo!) and other various things. It literally took all day doing swatches and pics so I didn't have any time to write, but hopefully all this week you'll see some published! I remembered it was about time to check in with my Charming Changes, so I decided to write this up before my other posts! If you're just now joining The Charming Cheshire, then first of all welcome, and second, if you're unfamiliar with the Charming Changes posts it's something of a journal for my weight loss/healthy lifestyle change. My first post went into details on the background of why I want to lose weight and how I gained the weight in the beginning, so I won't revisit all that. If you'd like to read it for yourself, here is the link:

So we ended off with my first weight loss goal being....


So did I get to this goal? Haha, yeah no. However, I'm not in the least bit upset by this for many, many reasons. Mainly being, I didn't really try. My Hubby was out of the country during the beginning of my dieting, so I was always at home, never went out to eat and was able to focus on only eating my healthy meals (I'm on the My Fit Foods meal plan, more info on that in my first post: A Strong Start). With him being home, we've been going out to eat every once in a while on some awesome dates, and even though I'm making good food choices, they're still not THE best, so I'm not surprised I haven't lost more. Regardless, I have lost 5lbs since my last post though, so I'm not too bad off! Also, I haven't GAINED any back, so that's always a huge plus. Currently I'm still eating the breakfast meals, morning snack, lunch meals, afternoon snack and soooooometimes the dinner meals (or out with Hubby). During the week we're good (unless he's just craving something), it's during the weekend that's hard, especially if we're out and about and want to stop to get food somewhere. I think last week I had cheat dinners on Monday, Wednesday and of course, Friday for Valentine's Day, then on Saturday I ate out with Mom for lunch. 

I'm only drinking water and I had a couple Starbucks lattes recently, but no sodas, juices, or anything else to drink. No sugar or candies except a few thin mints (::sigh:: working at a ballet studio with a GAZILLION Girl Scouts), and chocolate covered Strawberries for Valentines Day (can I get an awwwwwwww!). 

I'm still drinking my morning cranberry juice cocktail (blegh), as well as taking my daily supplements/vitamins. I've recently starting taking a new pack of all natural supplements from then that's supposed to boost metabolism, so we'll see how well those work! For the time being I'm just enjoying eating healthier 75% of the time, but both Hubsters and I agree it's time to get serious again! We both want to start working out as well. I'd like to start taking my ballet classes again, but maybe I should stick to just some light yoga. I'm known to be a perfectionist in dance, which just leads me to...oh, I don't know, absolutely KILLING myself...injuries, strained muscles, all that jazz. ::hides face in hands:: Hahaha, I will indeed be getting back into classes sooner rather than later as I'm going to be playing two lead roles in my studio's end of the dance year productions of Mother Goose and Snow White. Any guesses as to what characters I'm going to be playing in those performances? Hint: NOT Mother Goose or Snow White!

As far as food and cravings go, the good news is I don't crave those bad snacks I used to adore. I think the only thing I've had trouble saying bye-bye to is my Starbucks lattes ::sniffle::. I think once the weather starts warming up, I'll be able to keep away from those as well. Who else here is Starbucks obsessed?! I'm a seasonal obsession gal. When those Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Peppermint Mochas come out, I'm seriously at that drive-through almost every other day. ::slaps wrist::

I've pushed back my first goal till my birthday, which is early March. I think that's totally doable, AND that means I also don't have to change my second goal date!

SOOOOOOOOO, Goal #1 - Get to 230lbs by March 8th! Gotta look stunning for my Birthday party, amiright? ::wink, wink:: So here's my check-in for today!...

GOAL #1 (revised) - 230 lbs by March 8th, 2014

Starting Weight: 270 lbs

Current Weight: 238 lbs

Pounds Away from Goal: 8 lbs

Thoughts: Content, but needing to get some serious FOCUS!

Anyone else out there trying to stick to their New Year's Resolutions of getting healthier/losing weight? How's it going for you, I'd love to hear! What are your weight loss goals, and what are you going to do to keep up with them? 

Happy Healthier YOU!


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