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Glamour Doll Eyes OTM - May 2014


I decided to put off my May Starlooks Starbox review because I have something SPECIAL to include in this post! As you might have already read above...I'm including a special giveaway! The giveaway begins...well...right away! And will run through this weekend. The prize is EVERYTHING you see in this post! Vanessa, the creator and owner of Glamour Doll Eyes was kind enough to provide a whole new May 2014 Of the Month bag for my giveaway. Thanks Vanessa! So prepare yourself, because May's OTM is FUUUULL of's what's inside:

Includes: THREE shadows, a blush, a nail polish, sample baggies and candy!

for May 2014


One Way Ticket: a darkened green with a very subtle blueish-purple sheen and gold sparkles

Safe For: eyes, face, nails

How stunning is this shade? The deep rich green is amazing! The shimmer and gold sparkle is breathtaking in the sun! 

 Swiped dry, the shadow is nicely pigmented and very soft. It builds up very easily. The photo above has about 2-3 swipes dry. Over white primer it transitions to a deep teal green. The shimmer isn't quite as apparent but wow, the color is stunning. So vibrant! It also works very well blended out, the color remains rich and I didn't have any problems with it being dry or patchy looking. It blends quite seamlessly very easily.

The gold shimmer is just enough to make it shine and catch the light! Oooooo, aaaaaah...


in Vanessa

"This month we're featuring another new brand, Chinovi Cosmetics. Vanessa, Chinovi's owner, was nice enough to send us a sample of one of her blushes, Vanessa. Lots of Vanessas going around!" - from GDE OTM May 2014 card

Vanessa: a matte orange toned coral

You gotta love anything with an adorable bow on it, am I right? One of the things I love about Glamour Doll Eyes Of the Month bags is how often they include samples from other companies that I've never heard of before! I've discovered and fallen in love with several just in the past year of being subscribed to GDE! 

 This blush is positively beautiful! Such a darling soft coral orange with some soft peachy tones. Haha, I joked around with my Hubby that it makes my cheeks look like juicy peaches! As you can see, it's very buildable, but can be easily sheered out as well. I had absolutely no issues with it feeling dry, even though it is completely matte.

When worn more sheer and blended out, it can lead a tad more towards a rosy coral. I was also very impressed with it's staying power. Used with a setting spray, I had full color for nearly 10 hours! Even then, it barely faded at all. When I used a makeup remover at the end of the day to wipe it off, it seemed I wiped off the same amount that I applied! Haha! 

I'd absolutely love to try out some other colors from the Chinovi blushes. They currently have Bianca (a rosy caramel looking shade), Gidget (a deep rose), and Jocelyn (purple). I may have to buy Gidget just because of the name! (Love that movie, teehee).

in Off to Paris

"Flash Lacquer was a short run of nail polishes we offered on the GDE website. While it didn't take off like we hoped, we still love to dabble in a little lacquer once in a while!" - from GDE OTM May 2014 card

Eye Shadows and nail polishes, what I absolutely adore and can never, ever get enough of! Didn't I tell you this was an awesome bag?  

 I think this color is PERFECT for Summer! Such a bright, fun, girly shade!

Off to Paris: pink toned coral jelly with a very subtle holographic sparkle

I do apologize that it's not on my actual nails. I'm having a nail crisis at the moment. They've grown super long and just recently I ripped my pointer finger nail right off up to the edge of the white (well not on PURPOSE!). I nearly panicked...yes, because I'm that ridiculous...because it happened right before I went off to Chicago and I didn't want to just chop off all of my nails. In a desperate attempt to save my nails I purchased a kit from target that contained nail tips, clear gel polish and activator top coat to use over my one broken nail and OOOOH my goodness, ya'll, it worked like a charm! Alas, the only bad thing is my nails are currently polished, and if I take the polish off, the fake nail might come off too. I don't want to constantly take the fake nail off and put it back on because I know it'll weaken the nail, so I'm going to leave it for a while, then take it off and put some strengthening top coat on for a week or so, then I'll be back to swatching for you! ::sigh:: I tell you, nail drama is the pits!

Ok, so now that I've rambled away with my excuses ::giggles::, let's talk about how beautiful this polish is! Although I wasn't able to wear it, I did use it on a friend of mine (who wouldn't let me take photos of her! Shame shame! Haha, love you sweetie) and she's had it on for nearly a week with no major chipping other than light wear and tear on the tips! It went on beautifully, was decently opaque with two coats (shown in photo above as well, on swatch stick) and the subtle sparkle is just divine. It's a very juicy-looking color, isn't it? It also has a lovely glossy finish, very similar to a light glossy top coat. Love it!

in Vanilla Unicorn

Vanilla Unicorn: an opaque velvety white with a strong blue and purple sparkle. In some lights you can see a nice pink sheen.

Safe For: eyes, face, lips, nails

 If you want a fabulous white shadow in your collection, look no further, you HAVE to have Vanilla Unicorn. Just LOOK at the gorgeous blue and lavender sparkle! Hello!

 This is another very easy-to-work-with shadow. It is so velvety soft that I could barely feel it on my finger when I was swatching. When I dipped my finger in it I didn't know I had picked any up until I did a double take and looked down! Used dry it's not incredibly pigmented (shown above with about 3-4 swipes) but it isn't at all patchy and it creates the most beautiful almost iridescent layer that is very brightening. Over a white primer, the sheen becomes even more apparent, and it can become quite pigmented looking, into a solid white. It blends out so easily and softly and the sparkle spreads so well.

This shadow is positively gorgeous in the inner corners of your eyes, patted on the waterline over a white liner, used over a color for some sparkle and to change the tone, or over the lid and blended out for a brightening eye look...really it's just amazing and are you in love yet? When I say you need this in your life, you NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. ::swoon::

in Insomnia

Insomnia: bronzish brown with a coppery orange overlay and a very subtle purple to blue sparkle

Safe For: eyes, face, lips, nails

 The sparkle in this shadow simply blew me away and I'm SO IRRITATED that it didn't come out as well in photos! What you see in the photo above, with the remnants in the lid, is what shows up more in the actual jar when you hold it in the light. The purple sparkle is amazing!

 Even swatched, it's hard to see the purple sparkle, although it does show up more in the jar than it does applied to the skin. Applied dry, the shadow is a beautifully pigmented warm golden-copper shade. I barely needed two swipes, the color is so rich. Applied over a white primer, it changes to more of a deep bronze shade with the sparkle being less apparent. I can't get over how gorgeous the bright shine to deep dark tones are! It blends out so very easily and is still quite pigmented. I only used what was left over on my fingertip for the blended out swatch and you can see how vibrant the color still is. It's very soft, easy to work with and has no patchiness whatsoever.

You can barely make out the sparkle on the blended out and dry swatches in this photo. In person it was a bit more easy to see, but mainly the shade looks gold-copper-bronze.

in Heartless and Tease

 "Enjoy these samples of our continuation of the 'Matte Squared' Collection. This one being Feminine, releasing May 12th." - from GDE OTM May 2014 card

As if the three shadows, blush and polish weren't enough, GDE also included these two sample baggies from their new Matte Squared Feminine collection! I'm hoping to have another post for you regarding that collection soon, as I do already own four shades from it! I was superdupes excited to see that the samples I received were NOT the four shades I already owned! Yay!



Well, I was able to nab one before Hubby stole them from me. That, and he has had a recent craving for Nips...I should have hidden these away! Mmm, delicious!


I positively adored using these three shades and the blush together, the look has been one of my favorite Glamour Doll Eyes finale looks to date! (I always say that, though, don't I? Heehee)

 Didn't I tell you Vanilla Unicorn was amazing? 

I began this look with a glowing primer to give my face that warm, Summer brightness, then applied a light BB cream over it. I used a warm bronzer to contour my cheeks, nose and jawline then lightly darkened my eyebrows with some brow powder.

For the eyes I first used Urban Decay's Primer potion in Original, then NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk all over the entire lid. I then blended Glamour Doll Eyes May Gift with Purchase shade, Dirty 30, a semi matte dark brown (details at the end of post!), on the outer 1/3 of my eyelid and below the outer 1/2 of my bottom lash line. I softly blended Insomnia above it, in the crease and lightly up, as well as softly over Dirty 30 on the bottom lash line, too. I then patted on One Way Ticket on the inner 2/3 of my eyelids and buffed it gently above the crease to fade it out. I finished the shadows by applying Vanilla Unicorn on the inner corners of my eyes and on my brow bone.

I used a dark brown eyeliner for my winged line over the brown shadow, and a dark teal eyeliner very thinly drawn over my lashes on my eyelid where One Way Ticket was applied.

I finished the complete look with mascara, the gorgeous Chinovi Vanessa blush and some lip balm!

Well that's it for my review of my Glamour Doll Eyes May 2014 Of the Month bag...I hope you enjoyed it! As always, I HIGHLY recommend giving Glamour Doll Eyes a try! Here's their website - 

and here is the OTM section: 


Check them out and their products and be sure to keep the OTM in mind! You gotta get 'em while they're hot, they sell out quickly. They typically have  a variety of months you can purchase in advance, though, so sometimes you can purchase 3, 6 or even 9 months. The cost can vary depending on how many months you purchase in advance. It's typically around $6 per month. Super cheap!


Here is May's Gift With Purchase shade, Dirty 30. I'm sorry to say it's no longer a Gift With Purchase, however it CAN be purchased still!

Dirty 30

Dirty 30: semi matte dark brown with a subtle green overlay and copper sparkles

Click HERE to check it out on GDE's website. 


It ends at Midnight on Sunday, June 8th. I'll announce the winner Monday morning! Good luck to everyone! Once again, the prize is the entire May Of the Month Bag, along with all of it's goodies in it! The only thing not included in it is the Dirty 30 shadow, which I received along with a purchase I made in May (does not apply with OTM subscription).

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