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Beauty Spotlight - ft. BA STAR Spicy Natural Palette & Glitter Base


"Create a Perfect, Natural, Smokey Eye. Makeup Artist Selected Colors. High Pigment, Long Lasting. Great in Cheer, Dance or Stage Makeup Kit." -

Hello everyone! Sharing with you today this GORGEOUS five shadow palette from BASTAR, which I'm actually super excited about! For those of you who may not know, my main career is being a dancer and dance instructor. I've been dancing since I was seven, and even started training to be an instructor at eleven. I danced professionally with a company for a season, but when I developed two herniated discs, I had to end the professional career and just stick to teaching, which was always my love. I am ALWAYS looking for gorgeous and affordable makeup to share with my students for performances and recitals and not to jump ahead of myself in my review...but I LOVE this product!

BASTAR's website caters to Cheerleaders, Dancers, performers of every sort including products such as glitters, face and body stickers, eye shadow palettes, singles, mineral shadows, mascara, liners, lashes, blush and bronzers, lip pencils and gloss, tools, cosmetic bags, you name it! They also have several kits to choose from. They offer free samples and face charts to select before you buy, as well as featuring a link on their website to their YouTube channel that has a variety of makeup tutorials for performers.

Let's get on to the review!....


Along with the shadow palette, I received a shadow and glitter base. The packaging is a simple twist cap clear tube with a doe foot applicator.

The applicator is soft, and what I really like that it doesn't pick up a huge amount of product. Usually one pull of product from the tube is the perfect amount of coverage for a single eye. It's very easy to use, I just wipe it right on the eye, then use my fingertip to blend it evenly out where I want it.

The product goes on almost completely clear, just a light sheen. It's not very sticky when first applying, the texture is more like a light lotion, but once it starts setting it becomes a bit more tacky.

It's very thin, lightweight and makes an absolutely FANTASTIC base and primer. I've tried this along with the BASTAR shadows as well as various other brands and types of shadows and I have to say, it works just as awesomely as my favorite eyeshadow primer! It makes the shadows look more pigmented, smoother, and keep the color look fresh and fade slower throughout the day. I had no trouble at all removing the shadow and primer when taking off my makeup. It wiped off easily and cleanly with a cotton pad and eye makeup remover as well as with a makeup wipe. 

Love it! I'll be using it in the eye shadow swatches below, so keep on reading!

in Spicy Natural

How preeeeeetty is this!? So gorgeous. The packaging is a black plastic case with a clear cover that snaps close. It comes with a dual sided applicator containing a flat bristle brush and an eyeshadow applicator. The bristle brush side I really didn't like, it's much too rough. I felt like I was scratching my eyelid when using it, however, the eyeshadow applicator side was just fine!

All of the shadows are a shimmery-satin finish. The colors in the Spicy Natural palette are a soft white-cream (Nude), rusty copper (Bronze), cool deep brown (Chocolate), royal purple (Deep Plum) and yellow-gold (Gold).

As you can see, even without a primer, the colors are decently pigmented! Each shade was swiped three times, over bare skin, and over BASTAR's Glitter and Eye Shadow Base. It was a bit difficult to see exactly how much of a difference the base made since the shadows are so satin-shimmery.

Here's a bit of a better angle. You can DEFINITELY see a difference from here! The shadows apply very smoothly, and are ridiculously soft, just like butter! In fact, I accidentally stabbed a nail into one of the shadow, and I tried to gently press it back just...smoothed right over. I'm not saying the part sticking up broke off...nono, I pressed it back I said, like butter!

The lightest shade, the pale cream-white, is the least pigmented, but makes a fantastic highlighter/eye-catcher. It's the most glittery looking, and looks gorgeous in the inner corners of the eyes, below the eyebrow, all over the lid, or over another shade for some shine.

The rusty copper shade, cool deep brown, royal purple and gold are all gorgeously pigmented, and smooth. They apply very easily, and blend so well. The one thing I will say, is they seem much more colorful and bright swatched on the hand than they do on the eyes, even with different types of primers. Not that I'm saying that's bad, in fact, they blend so beautifully with each other because of that, really seamless. On the eyes, the color is still vivid, but softer in appearance. 


I had awesome wear with these shadows, especially used along with the BASTAR primer! I had full color and pigmentation for at least 6 to 7 hours before it began to fade. Even at the 12 hour mark, I still had soft color with no major fading or any streakiness, smudging or fall-out!


This palette and primer are available for purchase on BASTAR's website. The palette retails for $8.75, as well as the Glitter and Eye Shadow Base. The price of the palettes drop from $8.75 to $5 when you purchase six or more, though! A couple of the other palette shades are currently listed as being $2.99, as they are being discontinued soon. Here are the links to the main site page, as well as direct links to the products:

BASTAR - Spicy Natural Eye Shadow Palette

BASTAR - Glitter and Eye Shadow Base


Look #1 - Sugar and Spice 
(fancy everyday eye)

I always love a little drama, so I couldn't resist a flared out cat-eye but I wanted to show a look that's great for both a daytime and nighttime look

The colors, as you can see, aren't over pigmented and bright, but they still have strong color and look soft, yet vivid, on the eyes.

For this look I began by blending the pale cream shade below the eyebrows and on the inner corners of the eyes for highlight, then I softly blended the deep cool brown on the outer edges of my eyes, pulling them into a V shape for the wing. I pressed on the royal purple shadow on the center of the lid, spreading it and blending it into the brown, as well as lightly pulling it up above the crease, then I patted on the yellow gold on the inner 1/3 of the lids, towards the inner corners of my eyes. For the bottom lashes I lightly blended what was left of the cool brown below the bottom of my lashes, just on the outer half, then I lightly blended a bit of the copper shade on the center. I finished the eyes with some dark brown eyeliner in a V-shape (with the wing being a bit thicker, but the top part of the V being thinner and fading into the crease) and a few coats of mascara!

Look #2 - The BA Star Ballerina

Did I mention I was a ballerina? Hahaha, you didn't think I could review a palette that's meant for performers and NOT do a ballet look, now did you?

Now, I didn't go full-on recital stage makeup, because that always looks just so bizarre close up (big oversized eyes, huge false eyelashes), so instead I chose my typical smaller stage, closer-to-the-audience makeup that I teach all of my students to wear for up close performances.This makeup is meant to be more natural looking, but still bring out your features for the bright lights and have a bit of drama!

For the eyes I blended the pale cream under the eyebrow, on the inner corners of the eyes, as well as all over the eyelid. I used a white eyeliner on my waterline, then patted on the cream shadow over it to make my eyes look wider and brighter. I used the deep cool brown in the crease, blending it both lightly downwards, as well as upwards and pulling it out towards where my winged liner would end. I then blended it below my bottom lashes to enhance the cream on the waterline and make my eyes appear larger.

I very softly blended the copper shade from the inner corners of my crease and outwards towards the middle of it just to lighten and warm up the deep brown a bit. I finished the eyes with winged liner on my upper lids as well as heavy coats of mascara, and gently drawing lines under the bottom edge of my eyeliner wing with a pale nude eyeliner to make the black liner pop out more. Yes, yes I know I look extraordinarily pale with my hair pulled back into a bun. Hush.

Well, that's it for my BA STAR palette and glitter/eyeshadow base review! I hope you enjoyed it! Even though it's geared towards performers, I think it's a gorgeous palette even for everyday use. the shadows are soft, so blendable and the palettes come in a variety of shades, including both neutral and bright colors! 
  • Midnight Smokey - greys, silver, black, pale blue
  • Tropical - lime, blue, purple, pink, silver
  • Spirit - green, blue, coral, yellow, cream
  • *Pretty N Pink - pinks, lavenders, silver
  • *True Blue - blues, silvers, green

*Being discontinued soon.

Happy Makeuping! ::bows, curtsies::

*Disclaimer: I received this complimentary product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own. This entire review was written only by me and was in no way influenced by the brand provider. Sponsored post, powered by Brandbacker.


  1. Wow the second look is amazeballs, you look like a ballerina from the nutcracker

    1. Thank you Jasmine! :-D You know, in all my years dancing, I've only danced in the Nutcracker once! Haha, somehow that just feels wrong lol